Google Play (Android 5.x, 4.x) :

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Part of users found most of the Android 6.0 users can not work properly, we try to investigate the API call issue now

Protect your power button, reduce power button usage and extend your life of button

If your phone hasn’t built-in the double click to lock or without software screen lock button or support the leather cover lock that your should consider this app

This app will not occupation the RAM resource and background CPU power of your phone that will auto self-exit and release all of your precious resources and the most important thing — it is AD-free!

The best thing is that is open source which means the app is not only safety but also protect your privacy and open

App was not marked as Device Administrator. Please check Security settings

You have to [Settings]->[Security]->[Device administrators] to enable OFF

If you wish to remove this App that requires disabling OFF from Device administrators first


Get it on Google Play


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