OFF+ (Nexus Imprint support)

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Protecting the Power Button of mobile phones from intensive use by reducing the frequency of pressing physical button.

If your phone doesn’t have the double click lock built-in soft screen lock button or the leather cover lock, then you may consider using this App

Please try our OFF App, if you don’t need Nexus Imprint (Fingerprint) unlock

FIXED: Auto remove OFF+ app from overview screen after hardware screen lock is activated.
Special thanks to 謝立達 who reports the issue

This App is focused on the solution of Nexus Imprint (HTC 10 or most of the fingerprint unlock) issues, it is unlikely our previous version used a screen lock mechanism which will cause fingerprint unlock fail.

OFF+ is a 10 secs soft screen lock, it tries to disable all touch and button keys events and turns off the backlight then wait for 10 secs until hardware lock is activated, it will exit automatically and release all pre-occupied RAM and CPU resources.

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秒速鎖屏+ (Nexus Imprint 支援)

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這個 App 是針對 HTC 10 或是類似的指紋解鎖的手機所特別設計的, 跟原先的 秒速鎖屏 是完全不一樣的設計架構, 秒速鎖屏+ (Nexus Imprint 支援)本身設計是一個 15 秒的螢幕鎖定程式, 執行之後會盡量嘗試關閉您的螢幕電源跟調整背光亮度到全暗, 同時阻斷螢幕觸控跟按鍵功能, 讓手機運作電力降到最低, 等 15 秒後手機系統的螢幕鎖定啟動之後, 就會自動結束退出, 完全不費浪費您手機寶貴的記憶體跟電池電力

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